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    18 Wheeler Accidents

    Car Accidents

    The chances of colliding with a tractor-trailer are on the rise

    With heavier and longer trucks traveling our roadways every day, the chances of a bad encounter with one are increasingly becoming more likely. Drivers of tractor-trailer rigs and their companies, who necessarily carry a greater responsibility for safe behavior, are often guilty of:
    • Driver fatigue or drunk / impaired driving
    • Failure to maintain and inspect equipment
    • Failure to comply with federal trucking laws and regulations
    • Not driving according to road conditions
    Even poor road conditions (narrow lane widths, poorly maintained pavement, bridge accidents or collapses) could be the fault of city, county or state authorities.

    We fight for you – against the big guys, in or out of court

    If you have suffered an encounter with a tractor-trailer like those above, you could be entitled to a significant amount of money. You'll be up against not only the driver, but his company and their insurance company. Therefore, it is important that you have more than capable legal representation.

    Was your employer compliant?

    Even if you were driving the rig – you could be a victim of your company's failure to maintain your vehicle.
    Contact Davis & Davis P.L.L.C to bring to bear on your behalf, our investigative resources, extensive experience and excellent reputation for representing clients in tractor-trailer accident cases.
    • Rear-end collisions
    • Intersection collisions
    • A fatigued or impaired trucker
    • Trucker's failure to yield
    • Unsafe and distracted driving